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Plié: A Movement Meditation on Clothing as Protection, Ritual, and Magic (2022) 

directed, choreographed, and performed by Angelene Wong

Commissioned by Lilia Yip and Fashion On Display

Screened at The Soul of Things exhibition at Fashion On Display, Singapore


Costumes by Lilia Yip

Music by Muxin

Videography and editing by Isabelle Monteiro

New Normal (2021) directed by Chul Heo

Winner, Vertical Movie Festival 2021, Italy | Vertifilms 2021, Prague | Geumcheon Fashion Film Festival, Seoul | Vertical Film Showcase, Choongmuro Film Festival, Seoul | 30th St. Louis International Film Festival | Yatay Film Festival, Argentina | China International New Media Short Film Festival

The Rhythm of Singapore (2021)

Vogue Singapore and National Arts Council Singapore

Editor-in-chief @musingmutley
Creative producer Vanessa Caitlin @vanessa.caitlin
Photography @sayherheffernan
Film @requiem84 | @collabtive
Director of photography @badriladriel
Fashion director @monkiepoo
Stylist @joeyhysteric
Make-up and hair @themakeuproom_sg
Location: SkyPark Observation Deck @marinabaysands

Social distancing rules were followed throughout these shoots.

Convulsive (2017) directed and choreographed by Zaihar

Transitions (2019)

Choreography, performance, and direction by Angelene Wong

Videography by Jasmine Veridiano

Editing by Angelene Wong and Daniel Bob

Created during a time of personal transition in New York City, Transitions expands on the space that opens up between each step we take. The mundane act of walking through a city has a constant rhythm – between tick and tock opens up an infinite space of imagination, introspection, and transformation. 

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